Starting Over

Starting Over

Dec 1, 2014


Couple weeks ago I competed at my first IPF Open Worlds. I never thought I would get there this quick, but some Thursdays ago I found myself about to get under 771 lbs to start my open career. I had an ok meet, went 6/9, hit some pr’s, set a world record, but I didn’t leave Aurora, Colorado with a sense of accomplishment. I left feeling that I had a lot more work to do, and I do. The whole flight back, the whole week I took off, every time someone congratulated me I thought about how I could be better. So here I am, second week back in the gym and ready to try some new things. Ready to get back to smashing weights, and ready to work on my weaknesses, because if I learned one thing at this past meet, it’s that the best lifters don’t have weak lifts. So I need to start over.

In any athlete’s career, there are times when you need to step back, reevaluate what you’ve been doing, and fix what hasn’t been working. Doing this requires change, and change isn’t easy. I’m the last person to change any of my training methods just to try some stuff out, but sometimes it takes a wake-up call to show you what you’re doing isn’t working. I had that wake-up call after two terrible bench days in two consecutive meets, so when I got back home I went back to the drawing board. I talked to different people, got their opinions, thought of what I could do different, and made a commitment to myself to be open minded and try new stuff. Changing your training routine is tough, listening to what you’re doing wrong is tough, but not reaching your goals hurts even more, and it is these lessons that will make working hard in the gym and being open-minded that much easier.

It’s a cold day in San Antonio, Texas. I plan on working hard today and I hope you do to.


GB T.O.D- As you evolve as an athlete, so must your training



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  1. Thanks for sharing young man. Good luck to you in your training!! What a fantastic attitude you posses!

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