Strongman Tacky Review

Strongman Tacky Review

May 2, 2014

Yes you read that correctly, this is a review of some strongman tacky I recently received. I wanted to add something new into my training. I purchased a used atlas stone, got a free tractor tire, and made my backyard a person training center.

But to even try to stone I knew that I would need some tacky. So I reached out to a couple companies and received a some samples of their products. So I have a sample of Spider Tack and Tommy Tack. I am new to ever using tacky so my review is completely biased.

So I first tried the Spider Tack. Let me tell you this stuff is incredibly sticky. So much so it was harder to get out of the container then I thought it would be. It is very thick and harder to work into your hands and arms. It performed great, helping provide me with great feel on the stone. I would recommend this product.

Next I tried the Tommy Tack and loved it. I felt it was easier to work on my hands and arms then the Spider Tack but it still provided me with a great feel on the stones. The owner Thomas Bowman makes three different levels of tacky; sending me the regular formula; he also has a hot and cold weather mix. I found this tacky to be great and worked out very well for my training. I would also recommend this tacky to anyone.

Spider Tack can be found at

Tommy Tack can be found at

Go check them out if you are looking for a great quality product.


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  1. cedric woriax /

    I stack both for best results. I put on a light coverage of Tommy Tack and work it til its whitish and covering my hands evenly. Then I’ll add a small amount of spider tack and work it til its stringy and very tacky. This combo helps me with the big stones.

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