Summary my best performance to date in Masters Nationals 3 lift in Orlando.

Summary my best performance to date in Masters Nationals 3 lift in Orlando.

May 8, 2013

Well my second meet in 3 weeks has passed.  This was 3 lift Masters Nationals held in Orlando Florida. The hardest thing about training for this meet was just doing a bench only meet. Worlds took precedence over Nationals for the obvious reason. I didn’t want to be in Prague and fatigued because of my leg movements so I stopped hitting them hard by the first week in April. I had my last heavy squat on April 8 and the meet was May 4. In between I had one leg workout before I left for Prague which was only leg press, then on April 25, I only went to my opener. Not the way I normally train for a meet. I was relaxed and the only question I had was will my bench be able to respond after competing 2 weeks ago in Prague. Not so much for having a meet but the readjustment to our time zone.

Below are cliff notes from the meet:

  • 8 for 9, best total, best bench ever.
  • 2 national bench records
  • 1st place

This is the video version:

Ok let’s get to the meet.

I left Friday and arrived late Friday night. Saturday comes around and I weigh in at 12:30 at 203 lbs. After having my ritualistic premeet meal I start warming up around 2. I had a solid warmup on the squat.  I knew my shot at prs(personal records) was out the door,there are only seven in my flight. I know between attempts I will have max 6 minutes to recover and rewrap my knees.Here is what happened:

  1.  I stuck with my opener at 556, nailed it.Good.
  2. Go to 573 ,hit it but hips shift at bottom but recovered quickly. As I am in the back I get my wraps off but realize I have to get ready in a minute. I wrap my knees but realize the blood never really got back into my calves and I am not feeling my  calves. I walk out concerned but still attempt the weight.Good.
  3. I walk out 584  as I go down I know if I try to sink it I won’t be coming up so I cut it where I know I can still come up.Result_no good high.

Off to the bench.

Believe it or not I am stronger after I squat on the bench then in a bench only meet. My last 2 bench prs were in a full meet. Guess what? Things didn’t change!!!!!

I had solid warm ups. My raw warm ups were light!! Hell yeah!! Shirt warm up? Ehh.

  1.  Open with 540 . I press it nice and slow.Control. I walk off and my buddy Mike says “556?”  I said “Hell no I’m tired of doing that.562!!!”
  2. 562 BAM!!! Nailed it!! I was on fire mentally. Mike says”What now?” What the hell let’s go to 573!!!
  3. 573 Felt great going down. After the press I rocket it up and towards the top it slows down,slight tilt also. I lock it out and hold it. I jump up and anxiously await the lights.WHITE!WHITE!WHITE!  F’n awesome!!!!! I just had my biggest bench by 17 lbs!!! Ater I squatted too!!!!

The 573 I did helped me set 2 nationals records!!!

The weight 540 felt heavier then in Prague but moved easier. I was so amped up that I almost didn’t notice the jumps on the bench afterwards. I was also fired up by Jeff Gerardo who kept pressure on me with his attempts.Thanks Jeff you brought out the best in me.Jeff was a great guy and first person to congratulate me after my 573.

Ok now to the depressing part of the meet my deadlift.

I have a lower back issue after I bench where 225 hurts pulling. Whatever I do with my arch almost paralyzes me when I deadlift afterwards. I opened extremely safe so even if I lost I didn’t bomb which negates my bench records. Mike suggests opening lighter for that reason. I listen and we change it.

  1. 465 easy.good
  2. 501 easy good.
  3. 524 easy good.

Could I have done more? Yes but not much. By tightening the belt it nuetralizes my lower back pain. I have great flexibility in my back both ways forward and back so I am figuring something with a nerve shifting when I arch causes pain when I lean forward.

Big thanks to Mike Ciupinski,Malinda Baum,Ken Gack, Jim Wiess, and Jose Perez.

That’s it. Personally kicked ass! Now I am in off season training till mid June. Next meet Bench Nationals in Atlanta in August.






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  1. WOW! Nice Work! Especially on that BP! 573 is sick!

  2. Thanks!! For bench nats Im bringing a squat rack to warm up before I bench!!!

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