Super Katana or F6….That is the question!

Super Katana or F6….That is the question!

Jul 5, 2013

The past few weeks have been pretty crazy for me both training and my personal life. I have been battling a very bad case of poison ivy the past week or so and really haven’t felt like doing much of anything. By the time I found out I had it, it had already pretty much covered my arms, hands, chest, and even my eyes. But thanks be to God it is going away and I am feeling much better.

Now my training starting about 3 weeks got very frustrating for me, I thought everything was going good as far as me breaking in my new shirt and learning the ins and outs of single ply lifting. I was working the boards like everybody suggested and even got 675 to a 2 board pretty easy. The next week when I was trying for a 1 board I could not get there and kept dumping the weight on my chest. Only being about 8 weeks out from bench nationals I was beating myself up pretty bad.

So I decided I would try my very loose Titan F6 bench shirt the next bench session. That’s what I did and touched very easy 545 with commands. Not all that impressive considering I can bench 545 lbs raw but it was a start. My training partners noticed how big the sleeves were on my arms, big enough I could put two fingers between my arms and the shirt. This was somewhat of a confidence builder knowing I could still hit 545+ in a very loose shirt. So I sent my shirt to get the sleeves tightened. I sent it on a Tuesday thinking I’d have it back in plenty of time for my next chest workout on the following Monday.

Monday rolls and no shirt, so instead of not doing any work in a shirt I put my Super Katana back on for one last try. My plan was to only put 495 on the bar and get it as low as possible. I worked the boards down to a 2 board and touched pretty easy. Instead of trying a 1 board I decided to take the boards away and just bring the bar down as far as possible and hover. I did this for 4 sets and managed to get the bar to about the distance of a 1 board maybe a little lower.

I now have my F6 back from getting altered and I am not sure what shirt I will wear on Monday. I know I can touch in the F6 but get nowhere near what I can get out of the Super Katana. I might just give both a try and see where I am after my workout on Monday.


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  1. I’d throw the boards out. Focus on touching in the Super Katana. Start with 405, then 475, 550, 600, +. Take them as low as you can without dumping or losing form/tightness before pressing out. Do sets of triples until you can touch something that you are comfortable with. It would be beneficial to hit a lot of contest quality singles in this shirt so you are ready for competition commands at nationals.

  2. Yea I am getting rid of the boards. I noticed that I was relying to much on them. Thanks for the advice!!! Cant wait until Aug 18

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