Supplement Choice

Supplement Choice

Apr 1, 2013

I get asked the same question by friends and jabronis alike what kind of supplements do I take? Being a drug free lifter I have to be very careful so I dont fail a drug test. I like to generally stick to the basics. I have a consistent base of supplements: multivitamin (Animal Pak), fish oil or omega 3s (Betacourt Omega 3s), Joint Supplement (Triflex, but Im becoming a fan of GLC 2000), Vitamin D3 and Calcium. For my preworkout I go with MusclePharm’s Assault which is banned substance free and it works for a long period of time without the crash. I’ve recently added Glutamine, BCAAs and Amino Acids to my arsenal to really help with the repair and recovery of my muscles, fibers, tendons and joints. Lastly I take my whey protein twice a day and at bedtime my casein and ZMAs. This is the stack that works for me and helps fuel me for my really intense heavy training sessions. Anybody including the jabronis that want to ask me more about my opinion on supplements message me on Facebook under my name Marvin Bishop or hit me up on Twitter @marvinbishop. God Bless You and remember everybody wants to be a powerlifter but dont nobody wanna lift no heavy ass weight!


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