World Championship Bench Press Training

Lithuania is on! Equipped Bench Press x5x1 Lat Pulldowns x5x12 Flyes x2x12 Close Grip Bench x2x15 THAT IS ALL.  It took me forever though.  Shane Hopkins took 655 for a good ride.  Not much more work and he’ll be pressing high 6’s.  I don’t have much to type tonight cause I am very very tired.  I’ve stayed up too late editing the last...

Monday Before Missouri Ozark Meet

Monday Before Missouri Ozark Meet

Mar 18, 2013

This was my last moderate training day before the USAPL Missouri State OZARK meet this weekend.  Proud to say that I made it on the artwork for the competition!         Wide Grip Bench Press 425 x3 @7 425 x4 @7 425 x5 @7.5    —  paused the last rep.  Worked into it quite nicely.  I may have been able to do another 3-4 reps, so a good...

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