New training program for the Arnold Ohio Classic

So because I have the iron bug and a sickness for the sport of power lifting, I have already begun to plan out my training for my return to the Arnold stage. I actually started planning the night after the Ohio State Championship. I was so hyped up after this meet that my mind would not shut off all night. I could not sleep, I just continued to think about what...

Arnold Training Cycle 1 WK 1

Arnold Training Cycle 1 WK 1

Nov 6, 2013

Ok so it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here. I have been busy trying to get more clients, fixing my training, looking for places to do my shirts for the best price ( going to have them within 2 weeks). Overall training leading up to this first week has  been horrible for squat and DL. I couldn’t move weights I would normally be able to...

DUUUHHHHH! Why didn’t I think of this sooner.

So this week I was Deadlifting and my back decided to tweak out on me. I had 545 half way up and I felt that pain we have all felt before. I immediately dropped it and started to stretch. It wasn’t that bad, just didn’t want to lift on it after that. I was hoping for 570x 3 on squat a few days later but my back said ” Go F^&K...

Starting to feel stronger!

9/28/13 SQUAT 455X5 495X5 535X5 *put that in your pipe and smoke it! PIN 12 SQUATS 455X5 495X5 535X5 * All done with loose belt LEG PRESS 670X10 800X10 870X10 LEG EXT 200X10 290X10 325X10 325X10 200X15 GHR BWX10 45X10 70X10 70X10 BWX10 CABLE ABS 90X10 180X10 270X10 360X10 360X10 360X10 270X10 9/30/13 BENCH 315X5 345X5 365X5  ** 2 SEC PAUSE ON LAST REP PIN 11...

Pre Arnold Training

September 9th I started my new Bench day leading up to the Arnold.  I’m transitioning pretty easy with bench, so that’s good. I hit the heaviest weights that I have since Raw Nationals. Here is how it went. BENCH 335×2 365×2 385×2 * Paused last rep. Pretty happy with this RVB BENCH 405X2 425X2 * All sets paused DB BENCH 100X10 100X10...

Fried chicken legs!!

So it’s been a few weeks and I have been doing light work. I mean really light work. If you remember the plane ride screwed up my back and when I got done with Nationals I was in some real pain. I got home the next day and it just got worse. I just figured it was from a combo of the plane ride there and lifting with my back like that and already hurting...

3 weeks out from the Arnold

So I was doing a little running 2 weeks ago, and I decided to kick it in on my last sprint. As soon as I kicked it in, I felt my hamstring pop. There was instant pain, shock, disbelief, and terror when I felt it. I immediately thought that I was not going to be able to lift at the Arnold. I gave myself about 10 minutes to sulk about it, and then started...

Arnold Classic Training Begins

Arnold Classic Training Begins

Dec 23, 2012

So, as you may know, I decided to take a month off from bench pressing.  My shoulders have been going through hell for a while. That month is over.  Training has resumed.  Last week I pressed some very light weights with some discomfort, but nothing like it was before. I have a solid plan to relieve the pain in the shoulders (bicep tendon insertion area).  It...

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