Bench is flying like a seagull on Meth!

DAY 1 SQUAT 495X1 535X1 565X1 585X1 Tied Gym PR RVB 590×2 605×2 * After squats I did my normal assistance work. I did not want to lift past the 495 this day but I kept thinking about the Arnold. I have 5 months to build a huge total and if that’s what I have to do then so be it. DAY 2 BENCH 365×1 400×1 415×1 stupid fast. RPE PR...

Switching days

I started my day switch to better fit my training for the Arnold. This year the Pro Raw challenge will be on Friday, Feb 28th. Usually I lift on Sunday, so my training split of Monday Squat, Wed Bench, Friday DL, Saturday Shoulders is now pushed back 2 days. Now Sat is Squat, Monday is Bench, Wednesday is DL and Thursday is shoulders. I decided to do this for...

Mission to Mars

Since I came back to training from Raw Nationals I started really light because my back has been killing me and I haven’t had a decent DL day since 4 weeks before the meet. This week was different. This week I saw my name on the Arnold Pro Raw Challenge Roster. Seeing my name on there with the best in the country and the world really got me motivated. I...

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