Brady’s Surgery/Recovery Update

So I am about 3 months out of surgery, been religiously doing my physical therapy, enjoying my time off from the heavy weights.  So what now? The next milestone I have is my 3 month post surgery checkup which will occur next week.  I am hoping that the surgeon gives me some sort of green light to bench press something over 50 lbs or 22.5 kg. It has been hard...

29APR13-02MAY13 Training Log for Josh Hunt.

29APR13-02MAY13 Training Log for Josh Hunt. So my boss (and good friend) Brady is cracking the whip and told me that I have to start posting my training. Which is really a good thing; I am just full of so many excuses and want to be lazy when it comes to this. Why can’t I wax intellectual and pontificate without talking about how much work in the gym I am...

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