Sep 18, 2016

THE TRAVELING BRICKHOUSE This will be a series of articles about my travels to different gyms across the country. I will rate them based on a number of factors, some of which are:   Customer service Quality of equipment Cleanliness, etc.   At the end of each article I will give a simple “Train” or “Pain” as in, pain in the ass to train in.  ...

Competing with myself

    Well I’m going to get straight to the point and start by saying that my back and hip most likely will never get better.  I have good weeks here and there but I am in constant pain.  I battle with the realization everyday that I may not ever get better and never live up to my potential and more importantly my goals. I am a powerlifter....

The American Open Come Back!

The American Open Come Back!

Dec 18, 2014

  So you may have noticed I haven’t  written anything  for awhile or you’re just  wondering who the hell I am it’s been so long. The truth is I haven’t been training enough to even write anything of substance or worth reading. I have not been the same since before the Arnold.  I never fully recovered. My back and hip have been...

Week 1 and part of week 2 of American Open Training

First off I would like to apologize for not posting at all in the past few months. Lots of crap has been going on and to be truthful I have been ashamed of how my lifts were and still are because of my injuries that wont seam to heal. My hip is so bad I can’t sit for more than 10 min without me being in horrible pain and I have a very high pain tolerance....

I’m BACK!!!

I’m BACK!!!

Jul 26, 2014

I’ve been away for a few months and to make a long story short, I have been really hurt. I have a torn hip labrum (hopefully I don’t need surgery) it’s still really painful, torn groin and my lower back is screwed up too. Yes I am a big bag of mess.  After watching everyone lift more and more weight as the weeks went by and as I got weaker and...

Injuries are starting to heal.

This past week I finally moved something decent. I worked up to 495×4 on squat. I was suppose to do 5 but my back said no. I tried to do some pin squats after but my back didn’t want to hear any of that mess. Moved on to leg press were I did 670x 10, 800×10 then 800×9 and got pinned on the 10th rep, Not because of strength but because one...

Finally getting back

Some of you may know that I injured my groin and hip/quad  and back before the Arnold from all of the damn snow we had in NJ back to back. Long story short, I slipped on ice and really pulled my groin. If you have pulled a groin you know the crazy pain when you squat. The pain is still there in my groin, hip and back but is getting better slowly each week. I...

2014 Arnold Pro Raw Challenge

2014 Arnold Pro Raw Challenge

Mar 4, 2014

I guess I’ll start this off with how the past few months leading up to this went. 99% of you don’t know this but in Dec my mother broke her hip. This was/is a devastating thing to happen to anyone. 3 days later my dog  Duke died. At this point I had no drive at all to move or eat let alone train for a big meet like the Arnold.  I spent hrs on end at...

Some More Arnold Training

So Training has been not exactly how I wanted it to go for the Arnold as of lately. Lots of stress on the body that is really screwing me up. The nerves in my arms and back are acting up because of it. I will do my best to perform but don’t know what I will be able to do come meet day if this keeps up. Pretty bummed out. SQUAT 1) 535×3 2)565×3...

Arnold Training week 1 and some inspirational words

Ok so I’ve been away for awhile. As of lately  I have been just working and doing what needed to be done. Now that things seem to be going a little smoother  with life in general, I can get back to trying to get stronger. I worked up to a x5 squat @9 on Saturday and cut it there. Just not feeling good yet. All the normal assistance work that I normally do...

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