Cardio! :)

Hey, hey, hey!! I wanted to share with everyone my favorite cardio workouts!  Cardio is NOT my favorite, but it is necessary!  I don’t necessarily think you need to do it every day OR spend hours on the treadmill – but here are some ideas for you and things that I’ve felt have worked the best for me! Cardio Workout #1:  Treadmill Sprints Of...

Oh.. Hello HIIT

Week 5 has basically been the same as week 4.  I’ve rearranged my cardio a little bit to make sure I get in my HIIT and don’t skip out on it!  Seemed to work well.  Instead of taking Wednesday as a complete rest day, I’ve put my HIIT on that morning.  Thinking I’ll add another one to Sunday, as needed. I was also using the AMT machine...

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