A week to regroup

After hitting it heavy and hard for the past 4 weeks I decided this week will be a lighter week. So that’s just what I did and I feel great. One thing I noticed from my video in the past few weeks and even at the last meet I did I was touching very low on my chest like if I was benching in a shirt. Ususally when I bench raw I tend to touch a big higher than my...

What to Do… What to Do… No Traveling this Week!

What to Do… What to Do… No Traveling this Week!

Oct 13, 2012

No traveling this week, which was good. Nagging cold from overtraining (training, stress and travel stress) resulted in an unplanned de-load week. However, coming back stronger. Plans still for the Rise of the Deadlift/Beast of the Benchpress meet to be held in Northbrook, Illinois as my first equipped meet, which is also an Autism Society fundraiser (Ref....

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