Olympics Anti-Doping and Social Media

Olympics Anti-Doping and Social Media

Aug 2, 2016

Download (SVG, 9KB) I first looked at doing this article related to the Russian Olympic Team and doping issues.  There is a lot going on presently on this topic with additional reports and information coming out late this week. This particular issue has come up many times before but had not received this much ‘play’ by the media.  What could be...

Beginning of Week 3!

Week 2 went well.  Unfortunately, I can’t share my workouts on here because it’s part of a program I paid for that was designed by Ashley Horner.  You can find the program online at ashleyhorner.co (it’s the Magnify You Program) – the cost is $100 for a total meal plan and workout plan.  If you like her on Facebook, she has discount...

New Program – Time to lean out!

  Well, I lifted Monday – but it wasn’t anything spectacular.  I want to start with sharing my new program!  I started this on Friday after taking Tuesday-Thursday off for some recovery time.  I’m am officially in the process of completing Jim Stoppani’s Shortcut to Shred on bodybuilding.com.  So far – love it!  It’s a...

Staying Motivated

Staying Motivated

Oct 8, 2013

Recently I had a friend of mine message me about a university project he was working on regarding sport psychology. He is researching how successful athletes stay motivated, and posed the question to me. So how do I stay motivated? What puts me back in the gym wanting to work harder than ever before? I think the major motivating factor for me can be addressed...

2013 IPF Worlds Prep Recap

2013 IPF Worlds Prep Recap

Aug 24, 2013

Well, here we are. The week of the 2013 IPF Junior/Sub Junior world championships. This will be my fourth consecutive year representing the red, white, and blue and I am hoping to obtain my 3rd world title under my belt. As I have previously mentioned, this meet is on my home Texas soil, and the opportunity to compete in such a prestigious event at home will...


What a day.  I almost got flooded in at work.  Had to wade to get to my truck.  Took 1 hour to get home and thank God for my 4×4 truck. I did not let this deter my training.  I had a really great training day.  The best raw training i’ve ever had in my life. This video may seem a bit goofy, but I assure you that no one puts more attitude and bad...

About Me

My name is Marvin Bishop and I reside in Cleveland, Ohio. I currently am a 35 year old bench press specialist. I attended West Liberty University where I was 1st team All Conference as a defensive lineman.  I mainly compete in USAPL, 100% Raw and WABDL. I have not competed in a full meet yet but I have done some push/pull competitions. I started competing in...

My Supplements of choice

One of the most common questions I get asked is what do you take? More than half of the people who ask this question automatically think steroids and what else? When I break the news to them that no steroids are involved they look at me like I am lying. I learned that the supplements I take play a huge role in my training. Being a drug free lifter we rely more...

My Bio

My name is Tom Murray, I am 24 years old and live in Pittsburgh. I am a bench press specialist that competes mainly in the USAPL. the reason I am a bench specialist is because I useed to play football in high school and for a short time in college and it really took a tole on my body from torn knee legamints to a serious neck injury so I decided to give up...



Mar 1, 2013

The Unbelievable World Record By: Tim Anderson, IPF World Champion and IPF World Record Holder Iron Authority March Athlete of the Month TIM ANDERSON PATRIOT POSTER   Heading into the 2012 NAPF Regional Bench Press Championships I had set some personal goals.  When I started training for this event, the Open IPF World Record for my weight class was...

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