Use of Infrared as a Training Tool

Use of Infrared as a Training Tool

Nov 2, 2014

^^Gotta Love New Toys! During an industry conference a new toy came to my attention – the FLIR One infrared camera which attaches to the iPhone 5/5S.  Mind you, I am no stranger to the use of infrared analysis as it is one of a number of technologies that I use in business.  However, in this case, I though that I would put a few ideas to the test. ^^Cool!...

Road to shoulder recovery

Back in the beginning of February I was doing incline bench press on a Thursday and on my very last set I had 455lbs on the bar. I remember it just like yesterday, it felt very light on the way down, had a nice long pause and as soon as I pushed the weight up I heard and felt my delt tear. I still got the weight up easy but knew something was very wrong. I...

Listen to your body, not your ego!!!

As a bench press specialist that handles 500 + pounds on a regular basis my shoulders sure take a beating. But as you know us power lifters always think we are so tough and our big ego don’t want to admit we may need a break from time to time or a light week. So we keep pushing and pushing to the max, sometimes we get lucky and get to the meet with no serious...

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