No No No I Refuse to Get Older

No No No I Refuse to Get Older

Aug 16, 2016

Yesterday by the time I went to bed, I was the Lion!  I had one heck of a bench accessory training evening, was handling multiple projects, working on building out the new gym… it was great!  I was energized and ready to go for today. Woke up this morning grumpy, complaining about those darned Millennials, dragged myself out of bed, and started...

March 13th bench workout for Masters Worlds

Heavy bench 5 weeks out. Lifting at 5 pm Felt good entering the workout  but was benching on a (Wednesday instead of Thursday)day’s less rest due to personal commitments. With heavy squats the night before  I knew I needed to counter the missing rest with extra calories and glutamine.  ...

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