2014 Arnold Pro Raw Challenge

2014 Arnold Pro Raw Challenge

Mar 4, 2014

I guess I’ll start this off with how the past few months leading up to this went. 99% of you don’t know this but in Dec my mother broke her hip. This was/is a devastating thing to happen to anyone. 3 days later my dog  Duke died. At this point I had no drive at all to move or eat let alone train for a big meet like the Arnold.  I spent hrs on end at...

Arnold Training week 1 and some inspirational words

Ok so I’ve been away for awhile. As of lately  I have been just working and doing what needed to be done. Now that things seem to be going a little smoother  with life in general, I can get back to trying to get stronger. I worked up to a x5 squat @9 on Saturday and cut it there. Just not feeling good yet. All the normal assistance work that I normally do...

Mission to Mars

Since I came back to training from Raw Nationals I started really light because my back has been killing me and I haven’t had a decent DL day since 4 weeks before the meet. This week was different. This week I saw my name on the Arnold Pro Raw Challenge Roster. Seeing my name on there with the best in the country and the world really got me motivated. I...

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