2013 USAPL American Open

Sorry I have not posted in quite sometime but my life has been so busy. For those of you who don’t know I am expecting a baby girl in March and I picked up a second job, also going to school and training for the USAPL American Open has really stretched me thin as far as time goes. But now I am back and want to fill everybody in on my experience at the USAPL...

Raw Bench Training

Raw Bench Training

Oct 1, 2012

Wide Grip Bench Press 385 3 @7 405 x3 @7 425 x5 @8 THIS IS THE BEST I’VE FELT RAW IN A LONG TIME… Bent Rows to Chest x5x10 Flyes x2x2 Tricep Extensions x2x12   TOTAL HITS...

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