Re-Building Joe Atef – Part 1

Re-Building Joe Atef – Part 1

Aug 3, 2016

In December of 2014, Joe Atef had his left rotator cuff surgically repaired.  Joe is a multi-time AWPC World Champion, and has competition-best lifts of 940# squat, 680# bench and 650# deadlift at 275.  He has competed in the USAPL, AAPF, AWPC, APF, USPA and XPC, and holds numerous State, National, and World records in various organizations.  This multi-part...

Windy Update 2 Year Injury Anniversary

Windy Update 2 Year Injury Anniversary

May 31, 2015

^^Yes, I drive many, many hours at a time in this vehicle It has been an absolutely CRAZY past few months.  I have been working, traveling, re-instating my consulting business all while working with my partners and teammates at 2XL Powerlifting.  My travel has increased back to what it was prior to my stepping out of consulting in 2009, plus I am adding product...

I see the light!!!

I can finally see the light at the end of this 2 and a half month tunnel. This is the first week that my shoulder feels back to normal and the heaviest I have went in the gym. Each week seems to be feeling better, and now I have lowered the reps and made the weight heavy. Chest Rehab workout #3 Flat bench: Bar(45lbs) 2 sets of 25 95lbs 2 sets of 25 135lbs 2...

Magic Juice

Anyone who has read my last few posts knows I have been batteling a shoulder injury. Well this week I am well on my way back to huge numbers. Thanks to a few things 1. Is the advice that I have got from.powerlifting great Ryan Celli about proper rehab and 2. Is this juice my mom bought me at Sams Club, I call it magic juice but the name on the lable is Aloe...

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