11 weeks until Bench Nationals

So Monday was my 5th time training in my Titan Super Katana and each week I am getting more comfortable. I can easily say that Monday was my best workout out of the 4 previous. I felt the pressure of the shirt and held more weight in my hands than I ever felt before. Needless to say it was quite a rush. Warm ups (all raw) 45×40 135×25 185×10...

Super Katana Debut

The day finally came when I felt healed enough to throw my shirt on and start this journey towards USAPL Bench Nationals in August. If things go as planned this will be my first meet in single ply. I have only done raw before. I did a few warm up sets: 135×20 135×20 185×10 185×10 225×5 275×5 315×3 365×1 to a 2 board....

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