Starting to feel stronger!

9/28/13 SQUAT 455X5 495X5 535X5 *put that in your pipe and smoke it! PIN 12 SQUATS 455X5 495X5 535X5 * All done with loose belt LEG PRESS 670X10 800X10 870X10 LEG EXT 200X10 290X10 325X10 325X10 200X15 GHR BWX10 45X10 70X10 70X10 BWX10 CABLE ABS 90X10 180X10 270X10 360X10 360X10 360X10 270X10 9/30/13 BENCH 315X5 345X5 365X5  ** 2 SEC PAUSE ON LAST REP PIN 11...

Bench is flying like a seagull on Meth!

DAY 1 SQUAT 495X1 535X1 565X1 585X1 Tied Gym PR RVB 590×2 605×2 * After squats I did my normal assistance work. I did not want to lift past the 495 this day but I kept thinking about the Arnold. I have 5 months to build a huge total and if that’s what I have to do then so be it. DAY 2 BENCH 365×1 400×1 415×1 stupid fast. RPE PR...

TAKE THAT Sir Isaac Newton!

9/14/13 SQUAT 495×3 535×3 560×3 * pressure was so high in my face that a 2 day old cut on my forehead started to bleed. Blood was dripping down my face.  KOOL! 9/16/13 BENCH 335X3 365X3 385X3 *This ties my best ever. I’m 10lbs ahead of schedule. I saw that my bench was going to start to fly up when my tri accessory work went up. Every time...

Started to train heavy again

Started to train heavy again. I was taking it easy for awhile and was only doing 5s with lighter weight. This week I started to go heavy again with the same reps.   SQUAT 475×5 505×5 535×3 got pinned on 4th rep. Got forward and couldn’t recover. *normally I would do lots of extra stuff but after that miss I was really fatigued and...

Raw Nats Training week 1

I know I haven’t been on here as much as I was but between my business, school and training I’ve been super busy. So here is my training for the past week . WEEK 1 DAY 1 BW IS AROUND 226 TO 230 SQUAT work sets 455×5 495×5 525×5@9 HUGE PR! RVB SQUAT 585X2 600X2 PIN SQUATS LB 425X5 475X5 525X5 *** after this I did my normal accessories....

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