What does it mean to be Strong?

Since the Arnold I have been thinking regarding my next steps in my lifting career. Do I continue on this same path and hope for a different outcome or do a find something else. With these thoughts I continue to come back to the same question, What does it mean to be strong? Is it out benching any other at your gym or in a competition? Squatting more this month...

May Athlete: Jessica O’Donnell

May Athlete: Jessica O’Donnell

May 2, 2012

This month’s featured athlete is Jessica O’Donnell.  Jessica is arguably one of the most dominant female powerlifters in US history.  Don’t let me even try to convince you, I’ll let her accomplishments speak for themselves… 2008 IPF Open World Champion 2003 IPF Junior World Champion 2009 IOC World Games Silver Medalist 3x IPF Open Silver...

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