Berserker Strength Radio 38 Heat Pokemon Go and Supps

Berserker Strength Radio 38 Heat Pokemon Go and Supps

Jul 23, 2016

Berserker Strength Radio Part 38 Social Security and Brady’s Birthday Beer and Pretzels Weight Loss, Gear and Cardio Pokemon Go! Training in the Heat Music and PR Supplementation – Preworkout Supplementation – On a Budget Supplementation – Side Effects Gaba and ZMA TOTAL HITS...

What sup? part 1

What sup? part 1

Feb 3, 2014

We all take supplements. There is no guaranteed elixir that will catapult us to the top. So we must experiment, trial and error till we come across what works. Our opinions or a belief about supplements dictates the amounts and brands we take. I believe supplements work BUT not all (some I take may be curious to some). I also believe a supplement from one...

My Supplements of choice

One of the most common questions I get asked is what do you take? More than half of the people who ask this question automatically think steroids and what else? When I break the news to them that no steroids are involved they look at me like I am lying. I learned that the supplements I take play a huge role in my training. Being a drug free lifter we rely more...

Supplementation part 1

In this article I am going to say what I think is your best bang for your $$$. ** These are my opinions. This is what has worked for my clients and myself. consult your Dr. before taking any supplement.** **I’m not going to go into what each supplement does too much. Just an overview.** Supplements are just that. A supp is there to help supplement what...

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