11 weeks until Bench Nationals

So Monday was my 5th time training in my Titan Super Katana and each week I am getting more comfortable. I can easily say that Monday was my best workout out of the 4 previous. I felt the pressure of the shirt and held more weight in my hands than I ever felt before. Needless to say it was quite a rush. Warm ups (all raw) 45×40 135×25 185×10...

Domination Benching 7/30/12

Domination Benching 7/30/12

Jul 30, 2012

Had some guys from Chuck Trosper’s Powerbody Gym visit the Belleville Weightlifting Club today!  We had a really good time.  Saw a couple of guys (who have attended one of our seminars) hit big PR’s today. One of which was Matt Hoosier.  Blessed with amazing leverages, this 148 pounder benched a personal best of 350.  Sam went in raw and benched...

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