Is there an age limit on working out?

The long(er) answer with a slight rant included: I’ve been really sick of people telling me that “You won’t be able to keep this up.”, “Just wait until you’re older.”, or “You won’t be able to lift like this or go so hard then. You’ll slow down.”. Here’s the deal.  I WILL still go into a...

Earning Your Rest Day

Earning Your Rest Day

Oct 21, 2014

Hey guys.. First, I’m sorry for slacking on my blog posts.  I started school August 25th and have been SUPER busy!!  We just started clinical time and I am there from 7a-3p, then work 3:30p-7p every day.  I get up around 4:30am to get my workout in before all of this craziness. Anyway, enough of my excuses.  Today I wanted to address something that I feel...

My advice on a cut plan!

I had someone message me on my athlete page on Facebook (which you can find here:  and I thought it would be really important to share my answer!  It’s just some of the things I’ve learned over the last year or so outside of competing and making sure I got to a healthy place physically,...

On The Inside

On The Inside

Jul 8, 2014

So I didn’t get to this last night, but  I promised it and I will deliver!  Last night, I swept; did laundry (including folding and putting away; put handles on my kitchen cabinet doors; grilled chicken and asparagus for dinner; loaded, ran, and unloaded the dishwasher; and walked the dog.  So while I didn’t get a lot of blogging done – I got...

Ugh.. Life..

Ugh.. Life..

Jul 7, 2014

I say that like I’m upset about it – I’m not!!  I’ve just been terribly busy!! Does anybody else feel like their swamped with summer activities, having no free weekends, and constantly on the run while the weather is nice??  That’s how we’ve been – all while also working on our new home.  It’s been crazy.  Sorry I...

Macros – in all their glory

This month has been NUTS!  I started a new workout program – and a new meal tracking system called Lose It! I love my new tracking system.  I find that Lose It is easier to use than other meal/nutrient tracking programs.  It works for me so I like it.  However, I’m not here to promote tracking on a specific program – I’m here to talk...

Intermittent Fasting – Week 1

Day 1, Tuesday:  I was hungry!!!  All day, until noon when I could eat, eat, eat!  I had a Quest Bar to start because I literally thought I was going to dry up and blow away.  Then 2 eggs and toast.  After I ate this, I felt awful!  I felt sick and bloated.  But I kept up the day with eating until 8pm.  Went to bed slightly hungry. Day 2, Wednesday:  Felt...

Week off before another program!

Week off before another program!

May 13, 2014

Hello!! Well, I’m taking the week off.  Last week was my  last week of my 12 week program from Ashley Horner.  I saw some great changes and make some great progress.  I’m taking a week off and then looking to start another one and take it to the next level! I talked about recovery last week, and a week off between programs is just that!  It allows...

Recovery/Rest Days!

We know that rest and recovery is important for muscle growth and strength.  But when should you take a rest day and what should you do on it?  Be a couch potato?  Cardio?  Take selfies?  😉  Here’s a little bit about what I do, what works for me, and why! I usually take 1 rest day a week.  It’s usually Sunday; however, it can vary depending on what...


Hi!! Sorry for the delay – we’ve had some bad news in my family and last weekend was dedicated to spending time with my mom, dad, and husband. 🙂  On top of it, I’ve been sick. 🙁 SO – moving on – my workouts have been going wonderful!  The intensity is up on both my diet and my workouts and I am hoping that leaning out is going to...

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