TAKE THAT Sir Isaac Newton!

TAKE THAT Sir Isaac Newton!

Sep 20, 2013



  1. 495×3
  2. 535×3
  3. 560×3 * pressure was so high in my face that a 2 day old cut on my forehead started to bleed. Blood was dripping down my face.  KOOL!



  1. 335X3
  2. 365X3
  3. 385X3 *This ties my best ever. I’m 10lbs ahead of schedule. I saw that my bench was going to start to fly up when my tri accessory work went up. Every time my lifts are not going well  but my assist goes up I know my lifts are right around the corner but if my lifts and assist work sucks I need to back off.



  1. 225X1
  2. 275X1
  3. 310X1
  4. 310X1
  5. 310X1
  6. 310X1
  7. 310X1
  8. 310X1** These were done with strict 1 min rest.

Started to do pull ups and I felt like I was going to fly up and put my head through the ceiling. Instead of the normal 35lbs plate added I put on the 45 and it felt lighter than the 35. WHAAAAAAAT??? Pretty cool. I weigh 232 right now.

Overall I was pretty happy this week. I hit my minimum on squat that I wanted, did 10 more lbs on bench than I wanted, and added 35lbs to my speed pulls which for me is a lot considering the band tension.

***I have a few goals for the Arnold. I know the numbers I need but I will keep them to myself for now. One of the other goals is to get a Nutrition sponsorship  by a company that will take me for who I am. I have been doing this too long to try to please anyone by not being myself. I curse a lot, I look like I belong in the woods living with Big Foot most of the time and I tell it how it is. I have tons of knowledge to give but it seems like they don’t care unless your sticking a needle in your ass. Well I don’t need to ram liquid nuts in my ass to do it. Yes it will take me longer but I’ll get there. Before I knew that Brady was looking to make a team and sponsor some athletes I was asking him questions on facebook about the show and sending in viewer questions for the Radio show.  Then we started talking about lifting like most lifters do and he asked me what my goals were. One of those goals was to get sponsored but I told him I was going to hit all my other goals with or without a sponsorship. I told him i’ve gotten this far by myself and I’ll finish by myself if I have too. I like to think that answer was the reason why he picked me up. He saw that I was never willing to sell out by taking drugs or doing something I didn’t want to do. He saw the determination that I have. I will never stop pushing towards my goals. I am grateful to be on a team with a bunch of people that have the same views as me.  I may be crazier than most but at the end of the day we are not sell outs. Brady runs his company much like I run mine. This is why we all get along so well. I want to Thank him for allowing me to be me.


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