Taking the Bench Daddy Killer B for a Ride

Taking the Bench Daddy Killer B for a Ride

Feb 1, 2015


^^The Bench Daddy Killer B competition legal

One day before the 2014 WPC Worlds one of my teammates, Paul ‘Rup’ Rupright, brought a Bench Daddy in for us to incorporate into training.  It was set up so that there was a single and a double loop.   Prior to this I had used a Sling Shot and a Super Ram for bench assistance.  When we hit the double loop of the Bench Daddy we darned near hit our shirted bench weights.  During the WPC’s in Florida I ran into Mike Womack at the meet hotel restaurant.  We discussed the Killer B.  He was there to present it to the APF to see what would be required to make it legal for competition.  It looked awesome – with the standard yellow, green, and black of the Bench Daddy, which also made it not-legal for competition.

A few months later I see a Facebook demo of the Killer B and I got excited!  Later that day I put out a message to Mike about pricing and sizing.  Elbow circumference and body weight… that’s it!  Pricing for the single and two-ply are not much different than a standard shirt, the 4-ply was a much higher investment so I figured that I would give the two-ply a try first.

It arrived within 3 weeks!  The first thing I noted when I pulled it out of the box was that I could put it right on without much help and it did not require significant ‘setting.’  Within an hour of receiving it we tested it’s max (for me) which was equivalent to my old loose Viking and fell short of locking out at 500+, which I got out of my old loose SDP.  In effect, the same experience as the Bench Daddy.  Additional comments after the videos.

^^First time with the Killer B 2-Ply Bench Shirt with 410lb on the Bar with Howard Penrose

^^Paul Rupright with the Killer B 2-Ply Bench Shirt with 410 lb on the bar

^^Howard Penrose with Killer B 2-Ply Bench Shirt with 460lb on the bar

^^Paul Rupright with Killer B 2-Ply Bench Shirt with 460lb on the bar

Different style bench shirts are not for everyone.  I have a great time when I use loose shirts, although I am sure I could get more with a tight shirt.  The problem is that I can rarely get them to work right for me.  For instance, I used a great Overkill shirt and it took months and tweaking and I was only able to get the same results as my old loose, worn-out Viking because the bar path did not work well for me when touching.  I made a jump with a loose SDP so ordered a new one of the same sizes and have started breaking it in.

The Killer B came out of the box ready to go.  There was no breaking in of the shirt and we were able to touch with it starting in the 300s up to where we maxed out around 500lbs.  It was far easier to touch with each but the lockout was primarily left in the hands of the lifter.  The control and movement of the shirt resembles, of course, the use of a Bench Daddy.  For myself, I don’t feel a high level of ‘control’ with a standard shirt because it forces me out of my natural path but I felt completely in control with the Killer B.  At this point, I obviously do not know the longevity of a Killer B shirt

While BenchDaddy.com states that inclusion of a nylon black spandex covering allows the Bench Daddy to be legal for APF, SPF and IPA.  In a FB message discussion Bill Carpenter said he would have to see it but if it passed APF, it would most likely pass UPA.  Amy Jackson of WPC/APF has stated that it is not approved for APF/WPC.  I will report once this has been confirmed and if there are additional federations.

Pro – works out of the box, can be used for a beginner, feels completely different from a standard shirt allowing an almost raw-like setup.  Imagine gaining time training with a shirt immediately instead of losing months breaking one in.

Con – you feel more of the weight at the top, the lifter has to have more balance and control of the weight.

Conclusion – I have just ordered the 4-Ply with plans to bring it to competition if approved.

You can custom make your Killer B – http://shop.benchdaddy.com/Killer-B-Bench-Shirt-KBBPS-SP100.htm




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  1. I hit 855 x two with a triple ply benchdaddy. The learning curve is fast and easy to get into a near raw like benchpress position. If apf doesn’t approve the shirt then lifters like myself will simply join other organizations that will. Also, consider joining the USA benchpress association which allows the shirt and will have its first meet on 21 march …see you there !

    • Howard Penrose /

      I am planning on doing a future USA BP Association meet! Could not do this one because of my involvement in the APF/AAPF Illinois and Relentless meets.

  2. Kenneth Wernick /

    I am interested in the Killer B bench shirt but have a question on sizing, alterations, price , performance and compatibility for contests. I can be reached at 718-483-1658.

  3. Kenneth Wernick /

    I have questions for the Killer B Bench shirt. I can be reached at 718-483-1658.

  4. Kenneth Wernick /

    I have questions on Killer B bench shirt. Can you call me at 718-483-1658.

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