Taking the Pressure Off

Taking the Pressure Off

Apr 21, 2013

Next Saturday, I’ll be doing what I like to call a “practice meet.” It’s a local, non sanctioned meet that I love doing as a warm up for Worlds next month. So many people I know seem to just do big meets; state championships, nationals, worlds, etc. Don’t get me wrong, those are the meets I live for and love to do. That’s where the big competition is, records are broken, and where you truly accomplish what you work for year round. But sometimes it’s good to just take a step back and do a fun meet that really doesn’t mean anything. I think being able to do a meet where there is less pressure does more for a lifter than they realize. These are the meets where you really grow. You are able to take risks that you normally wouldn’t take at a bigger meet, you can test out new shirts or new ways of wearing your shirt, and you can find out exactly how you want things to go/feel when it really matters.

My approach for this meet is definitely a different mind-set than training for worlds. I am actually using this meet as a heavy training day. A PR would be great, but my real plan is to gain some confidence going into worlds. Worlds this year is a little different for me. This year I’m in a lighter weight class (the lightest I’ve been in about 10 years) and a new/different shirt. For years I’ve worn a Titan F6 and now I’ve transitioned into a Titan Katana. Those two things alone have changed my training and how I feel immensely. Training has been going great, but I’m looking forward to having a meet in, with these new changes under my belt. That way, when I get to Worlds, there will be fewer “unknowns” to deal with. I haven’t done a meet since Nationals in August either, so I do need a little refresher on how everything is supposed to feel. I also plan on using this meet to identify anything I may need to work on in the next month or so. At the end of the day, I’ll have done a fun meet, gained confidence, identified things I need to work on, and will be ready to go full steam ahead before the “Big One” next month!

All in all, my point is to don’t forget why you do the sport. Everyone loves to compete, I’m fairly certain that’s why we all keep doing this sport. But I think it’s really important to step back, take some pressure off and have some fun. It’s when you do that you will truly see how much you can grow!


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