Tennis balls, dog toys, and training day 3

Tennis balls, dog toys, and training day 3

Mar 18, 2013

Yesterday I took the advice of Brady and Jack for some hamstring recovery. I grab a new tennis ball and started rolling in my living room. It worked but did not feel deep enough because of the carpet, so I grabbed my dogs everlasting treat ball. If you have never seen these they are slightly large than a softball, and hard rubber. It worked the trick, felt great rolling out my hamstring to boost some active recovery. One problem, my 100 pound German shepherd did not want to share her toy and was actively lounging for it when it was way to close to my nether region! Kind of gets sketchy with a big paw and teeth coming close to my….. ¬†You get the picture.

But it did help. Back to training today and deadlift is my main focus of the day. Started out pretty good and would do some foam rolling between warm up sets. Worked with 425 for 6 reps and felt alright at the beginning but not solid because I could not get that jump of the floor because of my hamstring. All in all not bad but could have been better.

Started doing floor presses today and wished I would have started them a long time ago. Really made me focus on staying tight since I could not use any leg drive. If you have not tried these give them a shot.

Finished the day with some banded speed squats, back extensions, and more rolling.

AI all day!!


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  1. HAHAHA just pictured that giant dog going after the toy. That’s a great idea with the dog toy. I didn’t think of those things. I forgot to mention if you put a bar in the rack and set it on the pins low enough you can put your leg over it and really get in there.

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