Testing for USAPL Illinois State Powerlifting Championships

Testing for USAPL Illinois State Powerlifting Championships

May 12, 2012

So, with the news of not being called up to be on the USA World Bench Press Team, I decided to do the USAPL IL State meet the week before…which is May 19 in Harrisburg, IL.

On Monday I tested the Equipped Bench Press with all competition attempts…

655 x1 GOOD

685 x1 GOOD

715 x1 GOOD

All lifts were evenly pressed out, with commands, and no reasons for red lights.  Head and hips were down.

Did 730 to a 2 board really easy, followed by 700 to a 1 board.  I am getting used to these heavy weights.  I don’t have any fear of them.  I don’t care about numbers anymore.  The number is irrelevant.  Mentally, I am ready to go where I have to for pressing out something monstrous at IL State.

The current OPEN American Record is 325K or 716LBS held by John Bogart of PA.  I’ve always considered him to be a legend in the sport.  I don’t think that anyone has pressed over 700lbs more times than him in competition.  He is incredible.

The rest of the week went pretty easy.  Did some training on thursday with up to 85% weights for nothing special.

I plan on hitting my opener tomorrow (sunday) and absolutely DOMINATE it!

I will hit my last workout on the wednesday before with really light weights, just to keep rust from forming in the scar tissue in my muscles.  LOL

Wish me luck.  My career at times has been a vertical climb, with injuries, losses, failures, discouragement, loneliness, happiness, unfair losses, successes, and I’ve climbed just about every greasy rung to the top.  Now that I am here, it is mine for the taking.  All I need to happen on Saturday…is a good day.  Thanks for reading and God willing, I’ll have that record.


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