The 4 Laws of Sumo

The 4 Laws of Sumo

Jun 9, 2013

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Just finished packing my bags to go to Russia for Raw World, and if it wasn’t for this deadlift I wouldn’t be going at all. My technique on my deadlift is something that I have honed for several years now and have just recently mastered. The technique that I use comes down to four basic laws that your sumo deadlift should live by. The first law is to start the lift with your chest up. Starting with your chest up forces your butt down, and we all know that a high butt leads to an ugly deadlift. The second law is to be patient off the ground. You don’t need to yank the bar off the ground to create speed off the ground. One of the important keys to getting the weight off the ground is to spend the least amount of time in the hole. You want to get down there and go and not waste a lot of time. The more time you spend in the hole, the less of the stretch-reflex your body will exhibit. Be patient, don’t rush, and pull hard. You’ll keep your form and the lift will be easier in the end. Third law of sumo, move your hips at the same speed as the bar. This goes back to the high butt-ugly deadlift correlation. It’s all about moving in a straight line; ¬†keeping your hips down will achieve this and will make the lockout so much easier. The last and most essential law of sumo is to push your hips through at the top. If you follow the first three laws, the fourth law will come naturally. Sumo is designed to make your range of motion shorter, which makes the lockout easier, and all you have to do is push your hips through and hold on to the bar. If you follow these four simple laws, ¬†you will soon become a sumo master. To summarize:

1. Start with your chest up

2. Be patient off the ground

3. Hips move at same speed of the bar

4. Push hips through at the top

Gene Bell Tip of the Day: A great deadlifter has a complete conditioning program



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    Great Tips!!

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