The American Open Come Back!

The American Open Come Back!

Dec 18, 2014


So you may have noticed I haven’t  written anything  for awhile or you’re just  wondering who the hell I am it’s been so long. The truth is I haven’t been training enough to even write anything of substance or worth reading. I have not been the same since before the Arnold.  I never fully recovered. My back and hip have been holding me back so much I would get maybe  one week every 6 weeks where I would move anything over 405 on squat and as for DL I was lucky to move 315 for a max. I squatted over 500 5 times since the Arnold and Deadlifted over 500 twice. The most for squat was 560 and that almost killed me, then couldn’t come close to it for months leading up to the American Open. The best for Deadlift was 525 and that was a complete max. I was not only physically destroyed but mentally as well. So why even compete right?  The thing is I don’t have an answer. I didn’t want to compete. It’s not like I was getting payed. I will say this tho. No matter how bad I didn’t want to train let alone compete, there was something drawing me to this meet. It’s hard to explain but that’s how I felt. I knew going into this meet that I was basically going in there to bench big and try and break my NJ state record and squat and DL was a mystery. I was basically going in there with my walking around strength which wasn’t much. 3 days before the meet my back was so bad I could barely pick up my pants and no I’m not exaggerating. So fast forward to game day and I’m sitting in the hotel restaurant trying to eat my very over priced buffet breakfast with Nisha ( my girlfriend )  and I look up at her and say ” lets just go home”. She looked at me like I was a complete stranger because she has never seen me like this. She’s always seen me fight, even when I was at my worst. I will never forget what she said to me. She look right in my eyes and said “We are not going home. You’re gonna compete and you’re gonna FUCK SHIT UP!! Now give me your french toast and get me more orange juice”. That was exactly what I needed. I got so pumped and ready to kill  everything ( then again it could have been the $56 check for breakfast that pissed me off). Time couldn’t go fast enough. My plan going in was to open with 407 on SQ and DL just to make sure I didn’t bomb but after she said that to me, that plan flew right out the window. I gave them my opening attempts with no hesitation  and no doubt that  I would kill these new numbers that crushed me 2 weeks before.   SQ 534 B 391 DL 501. I literally got pinned with this same weight on squat 2 weeks earlier and 495 didn’t leave the floor on DL. So why open so this high? Because I didn’t come to give up, I didn’t come to lose and I damn sure didn’t come just to lay down and let someone take what is mine. This is life or death for me. This isn’t a hobby or some stupid game. This shit means everything to me and I will  never quit. Like I said earlier, I was drawn to this meet and at this moment I finally knew what drew me to it. It was what always drew me. That never ending desire to be the best, I just lost site of it. Not anymore. Never again! My body may be broken but it always was. It was never body that was stopping me this whole time, It was my mind. It was my mind that keep me sane all those years. It was my mind that got me back on my feet and it was my mind that aloud me to block out everything and disappear into myself  and do what I do best and just kill!

Opening SQ, Destroyed it. 3 whites  2nd 567 same thing. 3rd I chose 584, went out there like a crazed maniac, slammed my head on the bar until I split open my head and killed it even faster than my 2nd. 3 whites. I would like to mention that the platform was raised on the right side by about a quarter of an inch and had a baseball sized hole on the left

Bench. This is what I came for. The plan was to go for 424 and break the record by 6lbs

Opener 391 got punched to the ceiling with blinding speed. I literally could have thrown this over the bench into the head judges hands. It felt like 225. 413 2nd attempt was exactly the same. I jumped to 435 to raise that record by 17 lbs. I came out like I was in a war. Got the press command and with crazy speed destroyed it off my chest, slowed some at the top but otherwise easy. New NJ bench record!!!

DL The lift I was most worried about. Opened 501 and it was FAST! Jumped to 551 and pulled it but it was slow. I mean really slow. It was @ 10 but it didn’t matter at this point. I clinched 2nd place and had the record I came for, so I asked for 573 just to give a number not expecting to even get it.  1 minute later I thought to myself ” I could get 1600 if I pull 584″ yes the same weight that I missed in 2013 to get 1600 the first time. Yes 33 more lbs than what I just did that felt like a max and was a max and yes 59 more lbs than I handled all year leading up to this day.  I didn’t come to play it safe anymore. Not after what Nisha said to me. Not after she woke up the old me. With no hesitation I asked John Dalessio to change it to 584. I waited until I was 3 out and did what I normally did and that’s go insane. Thinking of the horrible things that I couldn’t change because I was to weak and small as a kid but not anymore, I’m not that little kid anymore. Now I am stronger than anyone that will ever think about wronging me. All those people are on the other side of that bar and there’s no way in hell  it’s going to stop me from getting to them. I ran out there ready to kill, becoming the MONSTER  They made me become so long ago out of necessity. I grabbed the bar knowing that all I had to do was pick it up and I could get my hands on those bastards. It was slow and it was painful but there wasn’t a weight they could’ve put on that bar that was going to stop me!!! 1603 was mine! Lifetime PR on the worst training year ever. Not bad for walking around strength.

After the meet I did what I always love doing at big meets. I ate and hung out with my IA teammates and friends Paul and Melissa. I always enjoy their company. We laugh so hard every time we see each other. I can honestly say these 2 people are real friends. I don’t see them for months at a time and it’s like I saw them yesterday.


Special Thanks to John Dalessio for handling me. You are a huge help in making this meet happen And A massive thank you to Nisha for kicking my face in with what you said to me.  As always thanks to Iron Authority for always having my back. Thanks to Steve Ferrel of  Bench Blokz and your son for driving up to show support  and for the continued support. Dennis Cieri For sponsoring team NJ.



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