The Beauty In My Strength a Sherine Marcelle Project

The Beauty In My Strength a Sherine Marcelle Project

Mar 25, 2017

This is the complete video celebrating women in powerlifting by Sherine Marcelle.  The project was filmed on location at MVB (Mount Vernon Barbell) with financial sponsorship from and 2XL Strength & Fitness and t-shirts provided by Apeman Strong.

With the amount of misinformation concerning women who physically challenge themselves in strength sports, the concept behind the video has been to show that women from all walks and body types participate.  Today’s women don’t just participate in business and other avenues traditionally seen as masculine, but also bring a feminine touch to strength sports with record-breaking participation in all types of strength sports.  And they aren’t just daintily picking up the bar – from Crystal Tate’s 600lb deadlift to all-time-record holding lifts being broken by women almost every weekend at meets everywhere, to mass participation in Strong(wo)man events, highland games, Crossfit….  These same women are now starting to participate behind the scenes providing support, judging, spotting and loading (and not just for female lifters) and much more.

In December, 2016, 2XL Powerlifting held a 2-day powerlifting event that had approximately 150 participants.  A full third (50) were female lifters while half the staff were women.  We had also noticed that our powerlifting club (2XL Powerlifting LLC, the home of 2XL Strength and Fitness, 2XL BodyWorks and Team Stone) is about half female out of over 70 members of the team.

^^A portion of the 50 female lifters at the 2XL Powerlifting LLC APF/AAPF Raw Power Challenge – from teen to retired^^

While a majority lift raw (in the variations of raw), we are beginning to see the revival of equipped lifting with an increasing number of female equipped lifters.

Sports such as Crossfit do feed the increase in strength competitive women.  However, we also see an equal number coming into the sport from other areas as well as many who start out in powerlifting or other strength sports with little to no previous experience in sports.  These women literally come from every walk of life.  In our gym we have every range from PhDs in physics to high school students and from customer service to retired.

If you wanted to pinpoint the makeup of a female strength athlete, it is no different than a male lifter.  Some are driven to challenge themselves, some are looking to get and remain strong, most are humble.  We do know one thing for certain, all of them who come into the sport have to deal with adversity by family, friends and strangers who simply do not see this in a positive light.  Regardless of our supposed modern views of equality, there are a vocal few insecure males and traditional females who think they should know their place and work hard to convince them to stay there.

The vast majority of us, though, support and cheer on their efforts.  When watching attendance at meets the women’s days have audiences many times those of the men and when I’ve monitored the live streamed events, where there may be 1000’s viewing the men’s lifting, there are normally 10s of thousands watching the women’s lifting.

As the financial sponsor behind Sherine’s project, we at and 2XL Powerlifting LLC, see the future in our sports and will continue to support all men and women who overcome and have the drive to participate.


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