The Cycle of No Belt

The Cycle of No Belt

Oct 6, 2013


That’s a nice shot of my belt taken by Ryan Carillo, I’m going to miss that sweet thing for the next 8 weeks. In my offseason I like to change things up in my training to keep it fresh, and to focus on my weaknesses. I’ll add in some plyometrics, run hills, switch up my auxiliaries, decrease rest time, but this offseason I decided to add, or take away, something different, my belt. Now I love my belt, a Titan red, snakeskin Brahma with black stitching, and it has helped me to a lot of good lifts, so naturally not throwing it in my gym bag was a little hard on that first day.

The first day also made me realize how much of the load my beautiful belt was taking away from lower back and my core. After 2 sets of 6 at 65% (1 minute rest) my back had immediately tightened up and I could barely stand upright. This told me that a part of my body that I saw as one of my stronger points deserved a little more attention. Along with working through the physical discomfort, I also had to teach myself to stay tight in the hole without the assistance of a belt on squat and deadlift. This took a couple of weeks, and I had to realize that my squats wouldn’t be as fast out the hole, but in turn it taught me to stick through my lifts and to employ some more muscle recruitment. Well, now I’m just about to start week 5 and my lifts are feeling amazing! My body has fully gotten accustomed to lifting without that extra assistance and I’m hitting weight I didn’t think I could hit with a belt. Looking forward to killing some weight in the next couple of weeks, and eventually getting my beautiful belt back!

627×5 Raw, no belt:

Gene Bell Tip of the Day: Listen to your body, it is the true guide for your training.

Keep Calm and Deadlift On





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