The Ernie Frantz Video Project Accidental Selfie

The Ernie Frantz Video Project Accidental Selfie

Dec 22, 2017

This series represent small snapshots related to the ongoing work on the Ernie Frantz biography and documentary.  We have started interviewing Ernie along with others that he has trained with throughout the years.  In this episode: Ernie Frantz, Ernie Frantz Jr, Jose Garcia, and, Barzeen Vaziri.  Work on the program is led by Charlene “Charlie” Stevens and Branka Stemack-Penrose.  Background ‘music’ by baby Vaziri and Kristen (mom) Vaziri.  In this short episode, they discuss an accidental selfie that Ernie sent Barzeen.

Please stay tuned.  We will be adding more snippets as the program comes together!


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