The Journey Begins (Again) #RoadToRecovery

The Journey Begins (Again) #RoadToRecovery

Aug 5, 2013

That’s it.  I had it.  Time to get moving!!

Started bench training tonight before my thumb therapy.  Still can’t bend it very well, but kept things light.

Light bench (with spotter) to 3 sets 3 @225lbs – felt weird, one leg under the other straight and not able to grip right with the left hand.  Heavy will be with my team on Fridays.  Machine decline press – 135x 12, 225 x 8, 315 x 6, 405 x3; Row machine 3-positions at 225 x 14 for two sets; tricep pulldowns 140×15 for two sets; seated rows (holding back with good leg, no pressure on left leg) 120 x 15 x 3; Crunches 140x 40; Pulldowns 120x 16 for three sets.

Bench specialist for a little while – at least until they release the knee!

Felt great and light.

Stay tuned, will have the complete meet, both platforms, posted this week from the APF/AAPF Chicago Summer Bash!


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