The Long Road Back

The Long Road Back

Jul 27, 2016

What up you crazy berserkers and welcome back!! Feels good to be back in good company with these amazing athletes.

Wow a lot has happened since my last post. I’m currently working full time as a firefighter. I have two kids; a two year old boy and a four month old girl. My last competition was the 2015 Raw Nationals where I ended the day with a squat, deadlift, and total personal record. Placed twenty-third overall and won the police and fire division.

Since then I have had some nagging injuries that slowed training. And honestly life and work have pushed training to the side for about a month or so. Between working my normal shifts and an insane amount of over time, the first thing to go is training. The limited time off I have I want to spend with my wife and kids. I still get some general work outs in while on duty if it can get fit into our busy days.

And I know I am not the only person in this same boat. Many people run into the difficult juggle between work, life, and training. How do you fit it all in during the day while also eating right and spending quality time with your family? Not to mention any other household business or having a life.

It gets frustrating. You can easily get down on yourself. Some days the fight gets to be to much and you question whether if any of this is really worth it. Trust me I have been having this internal struggle for the past few months. I previously had been training for the state championship. But life happened and I honestly knew I would not be where I wanted to be; and be able to perform the way I would need to for the win.

So looking to the future I have been trying to figure out which path I want to take. Currently working on getting a new larger home. I have purchased a great start to my new gym, which would make getting trains into my schedule easier.

Do I regain my focus for powerlifting and look for a competition in the future? Do I switch to a more strict bodybuilding training style and see how far I can take it? Right now I can’t answer that question because there are aspects of both training styles that I love. My current plan that I will start after the move will be a hypertrophy high volume, multi day training scheme. I plan to build so!e quality muscle mass and decreased the recently gained fat. And as my training progresses I will see where this journey takes me.

I will travel both paths in hopes of finding the right destination. 


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