The past week.

The past week.

Dec 14, 2013

This week was funky because I had my cerebral angiogram on Friday.  I only lifted Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday but I made them count!

Monday: Shoulders, chest, and tris.  Arnold Press: 1×10 at 15lbs, 2×10 at 20lbs, 1×10: 6 at 20lbs, 4 at 15lbs.  Leaning Cable Laterals: 3×8 at 2.5lbs; Wood Choppers: 3×8 at 2.5lbs.  Seated Bent Over Rows: 4×12 at 5lbs.  Bench Press: 4×10 at 45lbs.  Cable Crossover: 3×10 at 7.5lbs.  One Arm Cable Press: 3×10 at 25lbs.  Dips (assisted): 1×12 at 90lbs assisting, 2×10 at 80lbs assisting.  Overhead Extension: 1×10 at 15lbs, 2×10 at 20lbs; One Arm Push Down: 3×10 at 7.5lbs.  I did interval sprints that night for 35minutes total!  Felt good to get the legs moving fast!

Tuesday: Legs.  This was the Mixed Method workout on Muscle Pharm’s Facebook page.  Squats: 1×28 at 65lbs, 3×28 at 75lbs.  1/4 Hamstring Curls (pull down, come up 1/4 of the way, pull all the way back down, then come up – that’s one rep): 1×12 at 50lbs, 1×12 at 40lbs, 2×12 at 30lbs.  5 Count Leg Extensions (5 seconds up, 5 seconds down): 2×8 at 30lbs, 2×8 at 20lbs.  Rep Hold Standing Calf Raises (1st rep, hold at top for 1 second; 2nd rep, hold at top for 2 seconds, etc..): 4×10 at 65lbs.  TFT (Time Frame Training) Max Walking Lunges (do as many as you can in 4 minutes): 126.  This was an awesome workout and fun to do something different!  I really enjoyed it!

Thursday: Back and Biceps.  Assisted Pull Ups: 3×8 at 90lbs assisting.  Wide Grip Lat Pulldown: 4×10 at 60lbs; Reverse Close Grip Lat Pulldown: 4×8 at 60lbs.  T-Bar Row: 3×10 at 35lbs; One Arm Straight Arm Pulldown: 1×12 at 10lbs, 1×12 at 12.5lbs, 1×12: 8 at 12.5lbs, 4 at 10lbs.  Crossbody Hammer Curls: 1×12 at 15lbs, 1×8 at 20lbs, 1×10 at 15lbs; Wide Hammer Curls: 1×8 at 15lbs, 2×10 at 15lbs.  I ended with a set of alternating bicep curls: 1×10 at 15lbs and EZ bar curls: 1×10 at 18lbs.  That evening I did 15 minutes of intervals on the AMT stepper machine.  Good, solid ass burner!

Thursday night we went to Rochester.  My check-in time for my surgery was 6 a.m.  The procedure went well.  About 15-20 minutes post-surgery, I started getting a headache.. that eventually turned into a migraine.. that eventually induced vomiting.  This went on for about 2.5 hours until they decided to give me oxycodone and propofol.  That eventually kicked in, except the oxycodone makes you nauseated.  Eventually, I was just sick of the hospital and they got me out of there.  Slept all the way home, got home by 4:30pm and felt SO much better!  Got some food in my system.  Now I just have a nasty bruise.  I’d post a picture, but it’s in my crotch..  Long story, short: no surgery in my future.  Just annual MRIs for a few years, then every 3 years. 😀  And I’m free to lift.   Made for a long day and some soreness, but it’s all worth it to know it’s not serious and they are just going to watch it!


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