Third workout done……620 partial and a 590 full rep!!!

Third workout done……620 partial and a 590 full rep!!!

Jul 28, 2014

Third bench workout is done. Again a great workout by hitting a 2 board pr (NOTE this means nothing in the midst of training outside of being a pr, a gain. This is a full rep meet so that is what is important). Yes I used the same opening sentences as previous log but that is good when it is all positive!!!! Also some people may have missed last log so this is explaining where I come up with sets and numbers. I am using the 2014 Bench Worlds and 2013 Bench Nats as templates on what numbers to use. I am upping the high end sets by 5-15 pounds from the previous bests. I am referring to the third gear workouts of both previous meets as next week I will be referring to the 3rd workouts of those meets to dictate my workout.

This workout was great. I did a set with no boards and yes it was a little ugly however the next 2 workouts are all on technique and mechanics I will not focus on the weight except the weight I’ll be full repping at the meet.

I also finished up with a couple of raw sets. I am surprised that they went well since my tris were tired. Yes the butt is up but I am not in a meet and I was tired. The rest of the week leading into this workout was good. I did start squatting heavy in gear and deadlifting so I have to factor that into my bench workouts for workloads.

I have also posted my workouts leading into the bench.

Off to the workout or here is the vid.




July 22 shoulders/back


275×2,425×2,525 5 reps each

Overheads behind the neck

165,185,210 5 reps each

230 2 reps

Seated military press

185 5 reps

225 3 reps

Reverse pec dec

120 5 reps 2 sets

Reverse pec dec shld assist

75,90,105,120 5 reps each

Lat pull

195,225,240 5 reps each


July 24 arms


Preacher curls

35×2 5 reps each set

115,125,140 5 reps each set

155 3 reps

Rack presses 4-5” above chest


295,345 3 reps narrow

395,435 3 reps medium grip

450 2 comp grip

Close grip bench

275,320 5 reps each set

365 3 reps


55,100,145,160 5 reps each




July 28 chest


335 3 reps raw

385 1 rep raw

420 1 rep to a 2 board raw( I like to feel the weight raw before going into a shirt)

520 2 reps to a 3 board(shirt)

565 1 rep “                            “

620 1 reps 2 board

590 1 rep full

370 3 reps raw

410 1 rep raw

The volume I feel did not require inclies plus the front delts were hit hard in the tri workout with dips and close grips



Till next time….

Focus First.

Thanks to IronAuthority, The GYM and Tan Line, Titan Support Systems, ATP Extreme, and RockTape



I want to thank Titan Support. The gear is flat out the best and if you fail it is your fault not the gear.

Till next time.


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