Through August 17 #RoadToRecovery

Through August 17 #RoadToRecovery

Aug 17, 2013

The gradual road to recovery continues.  This week I can report that I am now able to bend my left leg to the full range of the right.  So, now it is continuing to work it and make it more flexible while I am awaiting clearance to put resistance on it.  I am, however, able to do half squats with my bodyweight only as part of the exercises they have given me to reactivate the quads.

Bench is a bit challenging as the thumb doesn’t fully bend yet (about 50 degrees).  However, I am hanging in the 300lb range with a little extra using the Super Ram.  Of course, I still can’t drive with the legs… chomping at the bit for that leg clearance!  Still four days per week of therapy and 2-3 days in the gym.

Monday at XSport, Lombard, Illinois:

  • Light bench through reps of 5 at 225lbs for three sets;
  • Rows – machine and cable.  Wide grip and multiple angles.  Lost a lot of lat drive.
  • Hammer incline bench machine to 315lbs for a set of 5.
  • Hammer bench to 405lbs for a set of 5.
  • Tricep cable pulldowns for two sets of 20 at 120lbs.  Getting back slowly.
  • Crunches 150lbs cable for 40 reps.

Nothing until Friday.  Did too much the prior week.

Friday at Team Stone in Willowbrook, Illinois:

  • Bench: 100×8; 140×5; 190×5; 230×3; 280×2 (w/Ram); and, 320×1 (w/Ram) – stopped at 1 and 320 because of severe cramps on the left side foot, leg and back.
  • Tricep pulldowns: 2x120x20
  • Facepulls: 2x120x20
  • Crunches 150lbx40
  • Band crunches (green band): 30 reps
  • DB presses – 50 x 30
  • 140lb bench x5, 1 board x5, 2 board x5, 3 boardx5, 4 board x5 no rest.  Way too easy, will go up to 190 or higher next week.

I can bet some arch even doing what I call ‘BUTT DRIVE’ (squeezing butt cheeks together and driving from there instead of the legs).  Grip a little off due to scar.

Not too bad for almost losing the thumb!



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