Thursday, July 5

Thursday, July 5

Jul 5, 2012

So last night, I lost one of my dogs…OLLIE (brown).  Here he is playing tug ‘o war with Kilo (white)

I let them out for the last time before bed around 10pm.  They were out for about 10 minutes.  I opened the back door and Kilo quickly came in.  I called for Ollie, but he never came.  Not that unusual for him.  If he finds a toad or rabbit, he won’t come in.  So, I went back in to get an LED flashlight and sandals.  I went to one side of the house…no Ollie.  Then the other side…no Ollie.  Walked around the entire house 3 times…no Ollie.  His shock-perimeter collar must be malfunctioning.  I can’t believe it.  At this point, I couldn’t believe that he was missing.  I went into a sort of panic mode…grabbed Kilo, a leash, and some treats.  I walked and called out for Ollie for about 30 minutes…no Ollie.  Ollie is probably the most laid back dog ever.  He is the nicest dog I’ve ever met.  Never bit, nipped, or growled at Beth or I.  However, he gets skidish around other people, animals, and loud noises.  Didn’t help that it was the night of the 4th of July.

So, I walked around the neighborhood and saw some neighbors still having fun outside and asked them to be on the lookout for the little brown nugget.  They hadn’t seen him.  Losing time, and fearing that Ollie would get scared and hole himself up somewhere out of fear, I decided to go home and grab my mountain bike to cover twice the ground in twice the time.  I’d stay out all night if I had to.  I propped the doors open in case he’d come home without me being there, left food and water out.  I was also worried about the heat.  If I didn’t find him, he could possibly overheat or dehydrate.  Beth and I would be devastated.  He is like one of our kids!  To make it worse, Beth is out of town at clinicals for school.

So, shortly after I propped the front door open, I looked out and Ollie was trucking it back towards the house…nose to the ground.  He was having a good time!  I don’t think that I hugged either one of my dogs as long as I did when I picked him up.  

Nevertheless, I went to the store today and picked up some essentials…batteries.  Recalibrated their perimeter fence too.


Wide Grip Bench Press
405 x5x3 @7.5 – 8



Shoulder is bothering me some around the A/C joint.  Dr. Underwood and I have an appointment for Tuesday next week.  A.R.T. is like magic.  So, ice and ibuprofen have been close friends…


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