Time for a Change / Power Bodybuilding

Time for a Change / Power Bodybuilding

Jan 8, 2014

Lately I have been in a rut with my training. I have felt stalled out. This happens from time to time and I have always found a way to get out of it. But lately I seem to just be stuck. So I needed a change. Something to re-stoke my fire. I have recently stumbled upon a few videos regarding power bodybuilding. Come to find out I am a little behind the game in regards to many other of my IA team members that are already doing this.

If you are not familiar with power bodybuilding I will give you a very easy to understand version. It is a training program where adding strength as well as overall mass and definition are the focus. So the first and main movements in the three power days are the bench, squat and deadlift. You hit these movements heavy for triples for multiple sets; I will be doing 8 working sets of triples for my main power movements. This keeps your volume as well as your intensity high. You then follow your power movements with bodybuilding focused exercises and rep/set ranges; I will be doing 3 sets of 8 at a heavy weight. On the other 2 days you focus more on the bodybuilding aspect with training shoulders and arms; which I will be doing all as a 3×8 scheme. I will be following each and every training day by hits abs; different parts through out the week; and hit at least 30 minutes of cardio.

Why I am doing this? Why the change from only powerlifting movements? To be honest I missed training as a bodybuilder and getting that pump. And more important I am tried of being fat. I gained almost 10 pounds since states and it does not make me happy. I want to push myself and see just how lean and jacked I can get while also dominating the platform.

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  1. Armand /

    I’ve seen you lean and what you call “fat”. In my unsolicited and layman’s opinion, your fit is right in between. Power bodybuilding sounds great. I’ll be ready to start that in about 6 months. Doctors don’t know me or you, do they?

  2. Thanks Armand, I appreciate the kind words. I am just looking to shed some of this extra body fat and get JACKED!

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