Timing is everything

Timing is everything

Feb 25, 2014

It is as simple as the title, timing is everything. In reading this I hope if nothing else you get that every moment counts because the next moment everything can change for the good or the bad. Take advantage of that moment. With that being said as of Sunday timing was everything for me. I had started experiencing some pain in my lower right side almost a week and a half ago. I was almost walking sideways to just deal with the pain. I am a stubborn guy I didn’t go to the doctor and I will just rest a little bit. The pain did not go away as fast as I would have wanted to. So this Sunday I limped to the ER, had some tests done and I was diagnosed with a sciatic nerve. I received a muscle relaxer shot and a pain shot which did not help. Good news was my spinal alignment is good. I made a painful decision to pull out the Arnold because I would have gone two weeks of doing absolutely nothing and was not sure if the pain would subside by then. At that time my heart was hurting, my back was hurting and my pockets were hurting because the lifter friendly IPF doesn’t refund entry fees. I know this is just a setback but this is something I worked for and to walk away from it the week of does something to me. I am in total support of my friends and teammates that are still competing and know they will do well. As for me I am eyeing the 100% Raw Quaker Classic and /or USAPL Battle of the Great Lakes as a return to the platform in April.


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