Mar 24, 2013

IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME COMING.  FINALLY ECLIPSED 700 in the Bench Press in USA Powerlifting.  Now there are only 2 in the USA that have pressed over 700 at 264.  (Preston Turner and myself)

You can hear about Brady’s performance here:
Berserker Strength Radio Adventure #10

It has been a long time coming.  I’ve attempted 700 plus before and pressed them out, but never officially got the lights for them.  Now I did.  I streamlined the training, cut deficiencies, and worked on my technical weaknesses.

A lot has happened to me in the past few months between training, finances, travel, some friends having hardships, surgery, and some personal faith issues.  What amazes me the most is that it all came together very clearly.  I feel like I’ve been through a lot and God carried me through it all.  This became very clear to me in the past 24 hours.

Now onto the meet.

The 2013 USAPL Missouri State / OZARK Championships had roughly 110 lifters, two platforms, and lots of good lifters.  What was really exciting is that we’ve had more women competing than ever at this event.  I hope that trend continues.  Iron Authority also had their most successful sales since we’ve started as a company.  Many people were very generous in showing their appreciation and made quite a few purchases.  Big thanks to Rick Fowler for allowing us to set up.  He has our back!

It was a bit challenging running a booth and lifting.  It didn’t harm me at all.  Just a little more mentally exhausting.  However, I felt that it was another incentive to perform well.  That and especially after Nick Weite put on a squat clinic squatting over 900lbs.

I weighed in at 119.8k / 264lbs… This was well under 275.  I cut just a little bit of weight to get under the international weight class of 120k / 264lbs. I wanted to simulate similar conditions of an international/national competition, so I opted to go 120k / 264lbs.

1)  300k / 661lbs – VERY SLOW, but difficult to put in place.
2) 312.5k / 688lbs – This was a PR for me as my previous competition best was 310k / 683lbs.  It was a little shaky
3) 322.5 / 711lbs – TOTAL BERSERKER DOMINATION and new all time best PR, 3 white lights!  This also felt like the easiest lift. 

Tim Anderson and Jona Leo are probably right when they say I need to start training with heavier weights, or at minimum opening heavier.

THERE IS VIDEO, YouTube sensation Jonnie Candito is helping us out with it!  Thanks Jonnie!

This has been the apex of my lifting abilities up to this point.  I truly believe that my best is yet to come.

I’d like to thank my wife Beth for being there.  She was able to help run the booth and came out to help me between my attempts.  I really enjoyed having her in my corner.  When she is around I want nothing more than to be successful.  I love you babe!

My parents came out to also help run the booth!  My mom is my greatest employee.  She is always sweet, approachable, and personable.  My dad is probably my biggest fan.  They were the first to come and congratulate me.  Without them I wouldn’t be the person I am today.  That and when they are around I don’t feel that I can fail.  All I want to do is make them proud.

So much goes into a big lift.  It really isn’t just me on the platform.  I have my entire team up there with me.  We train hard together and push each other to succeed.  Thanks Dana, Shaun, Shane, Josh, Scott, Mike, Dan, Tom, Tim, Andy, Dave, etc.  You all helped make this a reality.  I am proud to have done this for the team.  The sky is the limit for all of us!

I’ve made a lot of new friends since I’ve started Iron Authority.  Many of them are contributors to the site.  I can’t thank you enough for the help and support you’ve given the company.  Its good to know there are other people out there that are dedicated to drug free strength science and aren’t afraid to show it.

Thanks to Tim Anderson, Jona Leo, Jeff Snyder, and Ryan Carrillo.  When I was going through my medical issue they were really encouraging and kind enough to check up on me.  I’ll never forget it.  You guys are good friends and teammates.  Can’t wait to share victory beers with you guys in Lithuania.

I’d like to thank my sponsors.  4Life and Titan have been my greatest enablers of my success.

4Life literally has the best health products in the world.  Their products work as they advertise.  No false claims with them.  No wonder everyone I’ve met from the company has been so positive.  My joints and soft tissue has never felt better.  Thanks to 4Life for their support and encouragement!  They have done a lot for me, and have done a lot sponsoring NAPF events!  Thanks for everything!

Titan Support Systems has the best powerlifting equipment in existence.  That Super Katana is one amazing shirt.  When these things fit right, they are very supportive.  Special thanks to Pete Alaniz and Derek Brixius for working with me in getting something that is perfect. I have an odd body type for a bencher and they helped figure out what I needed.  Also, that Titan Ram is incredible.  It helps keep my shoulders from getting too beat up as I put it on from time to time.  Keeps me in the gym working hard!

Thanks to my other sponsors COMPLETE SUPPLEMENTS (Belleville), Mike Tuchscherer’s Reactive Training System, Osage County Guns, Underwood Chiropractic, and Chiseled1 Fitness.  My sincerest appreciation goes out to you all.

Lastly, my biggest thanks goes to God for never giving up on me and teaching me that I can stand toe to toe with my personal demons and destroy them.  Especially when I am being an idiot.


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  1. Brady, this was an extremely well executed lift from what I could see from the video, and I agree that it did not seem like a limit lift. I’m very excited to see how you do in some upcoming international competitions. I strongly (forgive the pun) suspect that you’ll be benching in the mid 700’s very soon.

  2. Tom Murray /

    Congrats on a huge lift and pr. The 711 looked so easy I saw the video on facebook. Keep up the good work!

  3. Super happy for you. Your going to kill it at worlds. Congrats!

  4. David Horner /

    Congrats Brady on the 700+ club. It’s always nice to see big lifts done the right way. Couldn’t of happenend to a classier person. Keep up the hard work.

  5. Marcus Hirvonen /

    Great lifting Brady!It´s always nice when good things happen to good people and you are a class act. Best of luck at the Bench Words!

  6. Marcus Hirvonen /

    Website is great! Yes, still recovering. Won´t be able to compete this year. I will see you in Lithuania though, I will be coaching the Swedish team.

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