Tough week but been through tougher…….

Tough week but been through tougher…….

Nov 10, 2013

Well this my final week of a mini cycle and overall I gave it a “b”. Factoring in that I did not take any supplements this past 4 weeks, outside of ATP Extreme, it was not bad. I dropped about 6 pounds from being off the supplements. The first month after a meet I want to try to maintain my numbers even though everything is different. If I can stay within 15 pounds of my contest 1 rep max or my reps then I am happy. I finished off a little short of what I wanted on the bench but my tris were tired from bands on the previous sets . After doing 3 sets of bands I went to regular bench and it was fast off the chest and slowed at 2/3 of the way up. It carried over to the floor presses but finished strong on inclines. Rest of the week went ok.

Next week I’ll start some speed benches, heavy inclines, shoulder presses ,to change it up. I did 2 sets of front and rear presses to get ready.  Knowing my shoulder tie ins will be hit hard next 4 weeks I backed off on tris. I dropped the presses from tris and did standing behind the head extensions.

As a side note my leg workouts have been going well. Remember I compete 3 way too so I do try to pay attention to increasing those numbers as well as my bench. I have tried different movements. I normally do box squats but decided to drop them this offseason and do squats with a continuous movement since my bar speed is slow and I am figuring it is because of the box. Logic is, I don’t know how to use my momentum from stopping on the box. I also have stop using a belt and focused on building the core stronger.

Ok now the week’s workout.


Bench bands 30lbs at top

225 8 reps

280 6 reps

335 4 reps

370 3 reps no bands (tris were tired and lockouts were rough. Off the chest was strong)

365 4 reps

Floor press

245 5 reps

285 5 reps

315 3 reps

355 2 reps


225 8 reps

275 5 reps

315 3 reps( tris dead tired at this point)



Lat pull

195 8 reps 2 sets

225 6 reps 3 sets

                Tbar rows

90 6 reps 2 sets

135 5 reps


295 6 reps

455 5 reps

515 5 reps

555 3 reps

Front bar raises

70 8 reps

90 6 reps

110 5 reps

120 4 reps

Front and rear presses

95,125 8 reps both ways



Dumbell curls

45 8 reps

65 6 reps

Preacher curls

45,55 6 reps

120 6 reps

145 5 reps

Hammer curls

45,55 8 reps each

T pushdowns

90 8 reps 2 sets

105 8 reps 2 sets

120 6 reps

Standing tri extensions bar

85 2 sets 8 reps

105 8 reps

135 8 reps

Well I look forward to the next cycle ,RAW like my usual off season training.

Thanks to The GYM and Tan Line, Titan Support Systems, IronAuthority, ATP Extreme ,Oxygen Factor, and RockTape.

Till next time.

Focus First.


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