Training 7/21/13: Biceps and Shoulders & HIIT

Training 7/21/13: Biceps and Shoulders & HIIT

Jul 21, 2013

It was bicep and shoulder day!  I was supposed to do this on Thursday, but my head/neck started acting up and that crazy headache came on strong.  I managed a leg day on Friday, my parents were here yesterday so I didn’t lift, and today (which is usually rest day) turned into a lifting day!  I started lifting and my headache started up again.  I managed to push through and see what I could get done without irritating it too much!  Actually had an AWESOME session!  Here is the breakdown!

WARM UP: 5 minute walking at 2.5 mph, 15.0% incline

How I’ve been lifting lately: I do 5 or 7 sets of everything, pyramid style.  I am always looking to lift as heavy as possible.  I gauge my weight choice based on number of reps I accomplish.  I’ll explain more as I go, but generally, I start at a lighter weight and get heavier until the peak and then work back down!


Alternating Dumbbell Curls: 20lbs x 15, 25lbs x 6, 30lbs x 3, 25lbs x 5, 15lbs x 11 (See what I mean about the pyramid form?!)

Lateral Raises: 10lbs x 19, 12lbs x 12, 15lbs x 4, 12lbs x 12, 10lbs x 11

Seated Incline Curls: 15lbs x 13, 20lbs x 7, 25lbs x 3, 20lbs s 7, 15lbs x 12

Seated Dumbbell Military Press: 15lbs x 24, 20lbs x 12, 25 lbs x 6, 20lbs x 12, 15lbs x 15 (I will start with 20lb dumbbells the next time I do this workout, I want to keep reps lower than that with my peak set around 3 reps!  That is how I gauge if I picked the correct weight for me.)

EZ Bar Curl: 35lbs x 15, 40lbs x 10, 45lbs x 7, 40lbs x 10, 35lbs x 14 (I’ll go up here next time too.  Starting at 40lbs.)

Seated Reverse Rear Fly (arms go back toward butt instead of out to sides): 8lbs x 20, 10lbs x 16, 12lbs x 13, 10lbs x 15, 8lbs x 20 (Going up here as well!!)

I did the EZ Bar Curls and the Seated Reverse Rear Fly as a superset.  After this awesome workout – my headache only acted up a few times and was dulled with stretching – I finished up with some HIIT on the spin bike!  Here is what my HIIT looked like!  I got this workout from Dr. Layne Norton.  If you haven’t checked him out on YouTube/Twitter/Facebook/anywhere —> DO IT NOW!!  He is amazing and I follow a lot of his advice, workouts, etc..


I was all warmed up from lifting, so I jumped right on and started the workout.

90 seconds: moderate pace/resistance, 10 seconds: sprint pace/up resistance to be able to sprint without bouncing, 20 seconds: sprint pace/up resistance as high as you can!!  Repeat until you reach 15 minutes!  Use the last minute as a cool down!

COOL DOWN:  5 minute walking at 2.5 mph, 15.0% incline.  I also stretched for about 10 minutes.

Warming up/cooling down/stretching is just as important as the workout itself.  Don’t ruin your hard earned results with an injury from not warming up or cooling down properly!!!


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  1. I get such an insane pump from doing 21’s, i like to use it at the end of my arm workout.


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