Training for August meets

Training for August meets

Jun 28, 2014

This past week I got my first full week in training since my sciatica went away. My first day back I saw a Cleveland radio DJ Kim Sellers doing leg presses in the gym and the importance of me saying that is she is in a wheelchair and CAN’T walk. So even if I was in pain it wouldn’t matter. I had a real productive week basically hitting moderate weight for as many reps as possible to get the soreness and wake my body up. I finished with doing cardio on the treadmill and bike. I am a little more than 7 weeks out from the USAPL Bench Nationals and about 5 weeks out from the Old School Iron UPA meet in Cleveland, Ohio. This week is the first time I have felt motivated in a few months and refocused on my powerlifting goals. I am competing in an equipped meet at the end of the year so it will be time for a cycle in the Super Kitana, I’m doing a full meet at the end of October so that will keep my training on point. I also became refocused on my life goals as well like going back to church and spending more time with my family which I have not done. I was trying not to stretch myself thin but I have always done better in life when I did. We can’t get anything back in life so I am trying to make everything count. Basically in summerizing this I AM BACK!!! Thank You to Iron Authortity, the team is having a great year, Brady the Boss is back! Thanks to Oxygen Factor and ATP Extreme-Craig Inaba thanks for the supplement stacking advice it is what you said it was, amazing results. Thanks to Anderson Powerlifting-Ken Anderson I coming for the SBD knee and elbow sleeves. Thanks to Primo Chalk the best in the business-just finished my Primo Seal review we got something there. Thanks to Total Nutrition Shop-I’m coming to get stock up I’m almost out of everything. Iron Chamber Gym-I’ve been gone for a minute but it’s time to get back in the trenches I miss you guys. King’s Gym and Old School Iron Gym thanks for the support for the last four years. In closing…Everybody wanna be a powerlifter but don’t nobody wanna lift these heavy ass weights!


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