Training for Redemption

Training for Redemption

Jul 29, 2013

I am getting fired up. I want my come back. I want my redemption. I want to prove to myself and everyone else that I belong. I want my second state championship. And it will be mine November 9th.

I will begin training August 7th. This will allow for just over 2 weeks off from nationals and plenty of time to recover and prepare of the hell to come. The first 5 weeks of my training cycle are going to suck, they are going to hurt, they are going to piss me off, but I will get stronger. I come to the realization that my best gains were made using fatigue percentages. If you are unfamiliar with fatigue percentages; FP, let me explain how I use them.

Let use squats as the example. After your warm up set you begin doing 4 reps in your working weight. I continue to increase my weight each set until I reach an RPE of 9. Lets say the weight is 500 pounds; that is my initial. At this point to get my volume I drop the weight down a certain percentage. I cycle these from 5% week 1 to 7% week 2 to 3% week 3 and repeat. So after my initial 500 set @9 I drop down 5% to 475 and continue doing sets of 4 until I again reach an RPE of 9.

So for the first 5 weeks of my training I will be doing FP’s for my main 3 exercise each training session followed by a 5×5 of another exercise.


Each day will be 4@9 with an FP, last exercise is 5×5.

Day 1-


Sumo Deadlift

Chain Bench


Day 2-


Chain Deficit Deadlifts

Front Squats


Day 3-


Floor Press

Leg Press

Stiff Leg Deadlifts

Day 4-

Military Press

Pause Band Squats

Pause Band Bench

Jack Dibenedetto Band Deadlifts

Day 5-


15/30 minutes of HIIT Cardio

15/30 minutes of swimming

(Cardio work will very depending on overall conditioning. Will do 30 minutes total either of just one or between the two.)


Feel free to comment/post/contact me regarding my insane methods. Please post any questions/concerns.


IA All Day!!


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