Training for the Arnold

Training for the Arnold

Dec 10, 2013

Second week back for training. At the Arnold I plan on competing in two events The Raw Bench Challenge and the Ohio Classic. I’m doing some things differently this training cycle. I’m adding the Titan Super Ram to my bench training and SBD sleeves to my leg days. I pumped to get back under the iron. Here is some of my training:

December 8, 2013-Chest
345 w/ (40 lbs of chains) x6
365 w/(40lbs of chains)x4
410 w/(40lbs of chains)x3
390 w/(40lbs of chains)x4
345 w/(40lbs of chains)x8


December 9, 2013-Back and Biceps
Deadlifts-225×8, 275×5, 315×3, 315×3
Bent Rows-225×10, 315×8, 405×4
T-Bar Rows in the corner-4 plates x10, 5 plates x10, 6 plates x10
Wide-Grip Pulldowns-160×12, 180×12, 200×9
Seated Rows-160×12, 180×12, 200×12
EZ-Bar Curls-3 sets of 12
Machine Preacher Curls-3 sets of 12
Hammer Curls-40×12, 50×12, 60×9

Not bad for just getting back to the weights two weeks ago. Looking forward to getting stronger and doing some big lifts. Thank you to my Iron Authority Family. Thanks to my sponsors, ATP Extreme, Primo Chalk, Anderson Powerlifting and Oxygen Factor. Thanks to Iron Chamber Gym, King’s Gym and Old School Iron Gym. I will talk to you next time.


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