Training for Week of 8/5/13

Training for Week of 8/5/13

Aug 8, 2013

Monday was Leg day!!  It was brutal and I was sore until Wednesday.. maybe even today still a little bit.  Power Squat Machine: 5×6 at 90lbs, 1×28 at 90lbs; Barbell Backward Lunges: 5×6 each leg at 45(for 1st set) then 55, 1×28 at 55lbs; Superset: Hamstring Curls: 5×8 at 60lbs, 1×28 at 50lbs and Leg Extensions: 5×8 at 70lbs, 1×28 at 60lbs; Body Weight Squats: 100; Superset: Low Back Extensions: 3×15 no weight, hold at top for 3 count and Lying Leg Raises: 3×15

Tuesday was Chest and Tris.  Superset: Close Grip Bench: 5×6 at 45lbs, 1×28 at 45 lbs and Skull Crushers: 5×8 at 35lbs, 1×28 at 35lbs; Superset: Incline Dumbbell Bench: 3×6 with 30s, 2×6 with 25s, 1×28 with 20s and Rope Pull Downs: 1×6 at 30lbs, 1×6 at 25lbs, 3×6 at 20lbs, 1×28 at 15lbs; Superset: Flat Bench Flyes: 5×6 using 20s, 1×28 using 15s and Bench Dips: 5×6, 1×28.  Superset: Low Back Extensions: 3×15 no weight, hold at top for 3 count and Decline Sit-Ups: 3×15 holding 12lb medicine ball.

HUMP DAY!!  Back and Bis. Superset: Straight Bar Curls: 5×6 at 35lbs, 1×28 at 35lbs and Seated Row: 5×6 at 50lbs, 1×28 at 40lbs; Superset: Incline Curls: 1×8 using 20s, 4×8 using 15s, 1×28 using 12s and V-Bar Pull Downs: 5×6 at 55lbs, 1×28 at 50lbs; Superset: Preacher Curls: 5×6 using 15s, 1×28 using 10s and Straight Bar Push Downs: 2×8 at 20lbs, 3×8 at 25lbs, 1×28 at 20lbs.  I then did a HIIT workout on the spin bike.  Pedal some to warm up the legs.  90 seconds moderate pace/moderate resistance, 10 seconds sprint pace/moderate resistance, 20 seconds keep sprint pace/up to high resistance.  Repeat 7 times until you hit 14 minutes.  Pedal to cool down.  Stretch those legs!!!

This morning was Legs and Shoulders.  I got up early (4:30a) to get to the gym and get a workout in.  Tonight we are driving to my folks house and flying to Colorado over the weekend for a wedding.  Had to get my workout in before the day got busy!!  Dedication!!!  (Going to be sleepy today!)  Superset: Front Squat and Press: 5×6 at 35lbs, 1×28 at 35 lbs and Lateral Raise: 1×8 using 12s, 3×8 using 10s, 1×8 using 8s, 1×28 using 8s; Superset: Leg Press: 5×6 at 200lbs, 1×28 at 160lbs and Front Raise: 5×8 using 8s, 1×28 using 8s; Superset: Power Squat Machine: 5×6 at 90lbs, 1×28 at 90lbs and Rear Delt Raise: 5×8 using 10s, 1×28 using 10s; Body Squats: 100.

Here is how I do 28s.  They are brutal but an awesome finisher to the supersets.  A great way to really burn out the muscle and let you know if you were lifting heavy enough during the normal sets.  They should burn and be difficult.  28 Method: 7 regular reps, 7- 1/2 way down, 7- 1/2 way up, 7 regular reps.  You can also do them like this: 7 regular reps, 7 super slow reps, 7- 1/2 way down, 7- 1/2 way up.  Depends who you ask! 😀  Either way, it’s a great way to end a superset.

I’m not sure what my plan is for tomorrow.  I may get up and lift somewhere.  We will be on a plane/busy the rest of Friday, so that’s what I’m guessing I’ll do.  Got to get that lift in no matter what!!!  Usually take Sunday as a rest day so hoping that I’ll be able to find somewhere to lift Saturday morning before the wedding as well.  Then Sunday can be a rest day because it is going to be SUPER busy!  I’ll fill ya’ll in as soon as I come up with a plan/lift.  Have a great weekend!!!!


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