Training in Atlanta Georgia with Coffee!

Training in Atlanta Georgia with Coffee!

Sep 19, 2012

This past week I was in the Atlanta, Georgia area for work. During this trip I made arrangements with a few potential gym visits from Marietta, GA to Carrollton, GA, with the intention to get in at least one day’s training here. Prior to the trip I contacted John Coffee of Coffee’s gym ( which focus’ on olympic style lifting, but is also set up for power lifting and general conditioning. It is located on one side of a strip mall that contains a gym equipment sales company in the front – basically, I had to look for it and had passed by a couple of times, even with GPS. But well worth the effort.

John Coffee is a soft-spoken relaxed gym owner with a lot of history. I had just driven about 5 hours that day with another hour drive back to Carrollton, so was not in either a training or conversational frame of mind, but did enjoy our brief discussions. We also discussed a few of the powerlifting greats and whether they were still around. John, himself, has both lifted and trained lifters, with a specialty on women’s lifting, for over 50 years and the gym has been around for over 30.

I also had a chance to interact with a few of the staff. Definitely a den of positive attitude and southern hospitality! Also talked about a few fitness devices with one of the staff who had also developed a device that will be discussed in a future edition on training support devices.

IMG 1939

The gym was in reasonable shape – much of the equipment was well used. The maintenance of the equipment was average but very serviceable. There is a good Forza bench, safety squat rack, plenty of room (with lots of chalk) for deadlifts and cleans, a dumbbell area, glute ham raise, and other necessary equipment for the powerlifter in training, and plenty of weight. The steady stream of clients was great, the attitude was fantastic, and I had liftoffs from both a staff member and a high school student who was in training for high-school-type powerlifting (squat, bench, clean). Each had specifically asked if I needed assistance, and I was grateful for it!

IMG 1940

John went out of his way to make me feel welcome, as did the staff and clients. Definitely a power gym that I would recommend if you are in Marietta, Georgia.

Ratings: Hours – 4/5; Equipment – 3/5 condition and 4/5 powerlifting friendly; Ability to Train – 5/5; Atmosphere – 5/5; and, Location – 4/5.

My training on Monday, Sept 17, 2012:

Bench – warm up, 135×8, 225×5, 275×5, 315x5x2 w/Ram to work without too much tension on my left elbow (tendonitis) and want to save it for ‘Heavy Friday.’

Supplemental work – tricep pulls, face-pulls, neutral lat pulldown, shoulder raises, machine (hammer) incline/decline bench to 315×12 and 410×12 for two sets each.

Was planning for an extra squat day on Tuesday (cancelled) followed by Wednesday deadlifts.

Stuck at Atlanta airport, hoping to make it to Chicago in time for deadlift training with Team Stone at 6pm!! The joys of travel!


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